What a Week

We worked like crazy around here this weekend and I’m exhausted. My family was so helpful and there are many more functional things around here now because of them. We painted our bedroom because I love a warm, relaxing, stress free environment in there and yellow wasn’t cutting it for me. I love it, but I won’t be painting anything else anytime soon. That was enough for a while. When I have the room put back together I’ll share pictures but we’re just not there yet.

Enough about house stuff. Each week at staff meeting we share highlights of the week or things we had happen. There have been some memorable moments for sure. I thought I’d share them with you. It just gives you a better picture of what life is like around here.

Here are some of my favorites:

-Justin was kissed on the cheek by a homeless man after serving at the Portland Rescue Mission.

-Andy struck up a conversation with a girl named Sky who was hula hooping. She hula hooped throughout the entire conversation. She shared she wasn’t a big fan of Christians and was studying Queer Theory. She is from the Bronx and just moved here but wants to meet again to talk more about spiritual things.

– In the last two weeks we have met students from Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Japan, Scotland, and Afghanistan to name a few. We don’t have to leave our country to go to the world, it has come to us in many ways.

I’ve been going to campus more this semester and it’s been so fun. I can’t wait to see what God will do this week. Life is more than moving to new homes and emptying boxes (although I’m thankful for it), there are 30,000 students at PSU alone that are waiting to hear about Jesus (whether they know it yet or not) and it’s a privilege to go and be a part of it.

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