We’re Moving!!!

The time has come my friends, we are moving tomorrow morning!! It’s kind of funny because I don’t remember a time when we’ve moved that it didn’t snow. So as if God were saying now is the time, it’s been snowing this week. Perfect.

We signed our papers today, got keys and will be moving into that cute yellow house I talked about earlier. (If you’ve prayed for us thank you so much because this really is a huge answer to prayer.) The sale is still not final but we will be doing a lease with the option to buy until they figure out how to get their stuff in order. It’s the best scenario for now and we’re thankful for it. We are so ready to move on from the situation we’re in although we’re thankful for the Lord providing it. Now we move on to the home with one bathroom. We can do this.

As you can see from the picture. Matt made a sweet box fort for Jenna and she’s been in there for the last  5 days coloring pictures on the boxes. I’m not sure why we think they need toys. Boxes, crayons and Tupperware are always the favorite around here.

So stay tuned. After we’re moved in I’ll post pictures and let you into our new world.

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