Two Pieces of Advice

At our cru conference another staff woman shared a quote that someone she loves always says,

Make memories you can live with, because you will.

Isn’t that the truth.

Then we were privileged to hear from a couple that have served God for 50 years here and overseas. They are a wealth of wisdom and I’ll share more about what they had to say another time. One of the things they said was,

You will never regret trusting God.

That too is the truth. I think the two go together. If you trust God, following Him through life, you won’t regret the memories you’ll make along the way. I know I have many memories I wish I could erase in my life and I can safely say that they were all made while doing my own thing, disregarding God’s ways. May I never forget that God’s ways are loving, His ways are proven right and trustworthy and will only bring blessing. Following Christ doesn’t mean life will always be easy or fun, but it’s always right and always worth it.

What do you think about this? Have you experienced this to be true?

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