Angels and Santa Don’t Mix

Last weekend Jenna had her school program. It was held during the church service where she goes to school. She was so excited because her and her friend Lilly were head angels and had speaking parts. She did a great job and took her job as a head angel very seriously. She belted out her lines loudly and clearly and sang her little heart out. Pretty darn cute if you ask me. (She is the one in the second row on the right, with her mouth wide open of course.)

It was a flashback from growing up in the Lutheran church sitting through church. I used to wear a robe and light candles in the service which Matt thought was very entertaining.

After church was over they had cookies and juice and Santa. Well, Santa and angles don’t go together apparently. Jenna wouldn’t go within 10 feet of him (she’s never liked Santa). Isaac on the other hand really could care less. He’s not afraid of anyone and so laid back that he wasn’t phased at all by the big man in the red suit. My two kids couldn’t be more different when it comes to things like these. I couldn’t even get Jenna to stand next to the tree so she would at least be in the picture. So here we have Isaac. This pretty much says it all. And yes, I know it’s December and he doesn’t have socks on. It’s not that cold here and he hates socks. What can you do?

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