An Early Gift

Last weekend Jenna and I were given a very sweet gift from Matt’s dad. He came to visit us for a couple days and shortly after getting to the house the Nutcracker Ballet came up in conversation. I have wanted to go since we moved here and I would love to take Jenna. The reality is that the tickets are just too much for me to pay. After mentioning this in passing I ran off to the doctor where I found out I had walking pneumonia which was terrible news at the time. So when I came home sad to share the news, hanging on the tree were two tickets to the Nutcracker for Jenna and I. An amazing surprise and gift for sure.

So Sunday night Jenna and I got all dressed up and headed out for a night of ballet. Not even pneumonia could keep me away. It brought so many memories back for me of dancing growing up, rekindled my love for the art and was beyond delightful to watch Jenna out of the corner of my eye loving every minute of it. She would clap so ferociously when it was time to clap (and I would try and save up my coughing until those moments and let it all out). I don’t think her eyes have ever been so wide or full of wonder before. At one point she looked at me and said, “I LOVE THIS.” She even liked the part when the Nutcracker and the large, creepy mice fought. It’s enough to give me nightmares but she was okay with it. You may not love the ballet but to us it was truly a magical evening together; one we won’t ever forget.

As we left the auditorium Jenna said, “Can we come back tomorrow night too?” Oh I wish. What a sweet and unexpected gift that was for us. What about you? Have you been given a wonderful and unexpected gift like this before?

P.S. I thought for sure that people would take out their phones to take pictures of the performance even though it said not to. Not one phone ever appeared, glowing in the audience to take a photo. I was kinda sad about that because I really wanted to take one but didn’t want to be the only delinquent in the room. I guess it will just have to live on in my mind.

2 thoughts on “An Early Gift”

  1. How lovely! I’m so glad you two got to enjoy such a sweet memory together. And thank you for not being the delinquent. Google a photo of that performance and save it instead. The photo will probably be better too!

    Love you so much.

  2. Jody, We went to the matinee yesterday which we really enjoyed. I loved the bigness and gorgeous back drops. But, in the future if you want a family affordable ($15/ticket) Nutcracker- Allie’s company puts on an amazing Nutcracker, and there’s actually a lot more dancing and solos than the Balanchine version. It’s super fun, and you get to always sit close. Merry Christmas! Hope you are feeling a little better everyday.


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