Tis the Season

Growing up we never used to decorate for Christmas until the middle of December. Then when Matt and I lived in Montana we started getting a tree right after Thanksgiving and decorating because often times we traveled to Oregon for Christmas so if we didn’t do it then, we didn’t get to enjoy all the beautiful decorations for long. And now that we have kids it’s even more fun to decorate early. I also think because we celebrate Advent (which I didn’t even know what it was until a few years ago) it’s even more justifiable to decorate right after Thanksgiving. Don’t you think?

We have a tree that is so perfect it looks fake and I want to sit in front of it all day taking in it’s beauty. I may get nothing done but oh well. I also made a cute little banner to go above our fireplace (which I got the idea from my friend Sam). It speaks of the season and it was free. Joy! (Can you find the added items from my 4 year old in the picture?)

I love Advent. I love this season. It’s a time to slow down even amidst the craziness of life and take it all in. The fact that God sent His son to be born as a baby, to sacrifice for me is astounding.  It is a time of anticipation and preparation for the coming of a king. It’s reason to pause, to be thankful, and to live with joy.

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