Heaven is Real

I waited for 2 months to check out the book Heaven is Real from the library and then read it in 2 evenings after the kids went to bed. It’s a quick, enjoyable and mind blowing story really. (If you haven’t read it and don’t want me to spoil some of what’s in there don’t read any further). If you’re a Christ follower than you know that Heaven is real. The Bible talks about it and we all know that it awaits us. But do we really understand what it will be like? How great it will be to be in the presence of God and all the others there? How often do we sit and think about it? And if you’re not a Christ follower, you should pick it up and read it. No matter where you stand with God it will be sure to challenge you where you’re at today.

I found that I related to much of what the dad shared in the book about feeling attacked or going through trial after trial (although his were more serious for sure). You begin to think, “shouldn’t there be some break here? After all I am serving the Lord in ministry.” And then his son gets sick and his anger grows and he lets God know about it. And you know what, it was in that room alone when he was angry and crying out to God about it that Jesus looked at him and had compassion (not anger) and answered his prayer. God didn’t have to do that but He did and He had a much bigger plan for it all. I found this so comforting because God hears us and does have compassion. And then it made me a little terrified that well, God (his son and others) sees it all. We tend to think that God and the angels don’t see what we’re up to, but they do.

Of course the part in the book where the little boy met his sister in heaven that his mom had miscarried (which the little boy knew nothing about) wrecked me. It’s hard to read that having gone through our own loss and yet so comforting because I know that one day we will get to meet that sweet baby that we didn’t have the chance to meet in this life.

One of the things the little boy kept saying was how loving and gentle Jesus was and that God was sooooooooo big and sooooooooo loving. We know this intellectually that God is so big and so loving but do I really believe it? God is so big that He can handle anything and God is so loving that I can never escape His love. So comforting.

Heaven is real. God is real. God is big. God is loving. For all those things I’m so thankful. Are those things reality in your life? What do you think about all this? Have you read the book too?

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