The Civil Wars

I’m still thankful for date night last night. Now I’m no musician; I can’t play an instrument (although I rocked the clarinet all during middle school) and I can barely carry a tune but I know when I hear a good musician. Last night we saw two amazing bands. It’s always impressive to me when they sound better in person than they do on a record and that’s just what we got last night.

It was held in the Crystal Ballroom which had fabulous chandeliers, amazing art on the walls and ceilings and the feel of a different era altogether. It was small enough that there’s not a bad seat in the house. Although it was standing only and the floor on the main stage floor moved when you walked or jumped on it and that was too crazy for me so we watched from the balcony. The first band Milo Greene was amazing and had fabulous energy. Then The Civil Wars came out. If you’ve never seen them you should watch a video. They use only guitars, their two voices and sometimes a keyboard and it is absolutely delightful. They are gifted beyond belief. She wears cute black dresses, he wears a suit, they are witty, classy and he has a great dry sense of humor. I would totally go see them again. I always love going to things in Portland too because there are always people of all ages, cultures, shapes and sizes. There’s usually not just one “type” of person. What a treat the evening was.

As delightful as it was we were reminded that we are not 18 anymore. Standing for 3 hours made our backs, knees, and feet ache (#firstworldpains) and we found ourselves very annoyed at the people who talked loudly while the bands played. I mean what did you pay for a concert for if you’re going to talk through the whole thing?! Okay, enough of me sounding like an old woman.

What’s the last concert you went to? Have you seen the Civil Wars before (I didn’t even know who they were until recently. Matt’s always up on the “cool” stuff way before I am)?

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