Sporadic Weird Happenings

Okay, I know I already posted today and this post is much less important than the last one but my day today was filled with strange things. I like to call them “weird sitings.” Maybe it’s normal to some, but it’s just not to me.

While driving home from OMSI today with the kids I look over while stopped at a light and the gal driving the motorcycle next to us has a backpack on with a cute little black doxen in the pack with it’s little shivering head poking out. Interesting. Then while driving home from Costco I come up behind a man on a bike. It was getting dark so at first I thought I was seeing things, but no, my eyes are not fooling me. It really is a cat riding on the man’s back while he pedals down the road. WHAT?! I’m so impressed that I whip out my phone and take a picture. I know safe right? But I couldn’t help myself and he was riding pretty slowly so I could do it without harming us. Oh my people. Get a looksy for yourself. Do you see it?

The reason that I went to Costco in the first place was to pick up our Christmas family picture that we’re putting in cards….250 of them. I kept thinking that I should look at them to make sure they’re fine but who else picks up 25o prints at a time besides me? Well apparently others do, others who go to Lego building contests and take 250 pictures of it. Oh my goodness, I somehow got someone elses pictures, of LEGOS. My name was on the front, but these clearly are not going to work in our Christmas cards. For the love! Can the day get any more strange?

So those were my weird happenings today. Anyone else have things like this happen to them or am I the only special one?

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