Thankful for Getting Off at the Wrong Stop

A blog I follow is going to write something she’s thankful for everyday in November. You know since Thanksgiving falls in here. I don’t know about you but it’s something that I have to work hard at some days, given my super optimistic personality and all. And right now there seem to be a lot of obstacles in our life. More opportunities for God to show up right? And we just finished spending over 2 hours with a lawyer going through all the documents that go along with the “restrictions” to the house we are STILL trying to purchase. Now, that was super fun and I can’t see straight.

BUT, today I’m thankful for the incredibly beautiful fall day here. On my way home from campus I was on the bus and it was super crowded. I haven’t ridden it enough times to know how many stops there are before I have to get off so I pulled the cord a stop to soon. How is this good you may think? Well, my rookie mistake allowed me to walk 3 extra blocks with the sun beating down on my face, I shuffled my feet in the freshly fallen leaves and I enjoyed the canopy of vibrant leaves above me. Thank you God for the masterpiece of fall days.

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