That’s What She Said………

“When we went to the Pittock Mansion the lady that took our money was a Duck fan and she tried to get me to cheer for them. I said no way.” (this was the day of a Beaver game and she had her OSU cheer leading outfit on.)

I asked her if she had a store what she would sell. She said, “eggs and buttermilk” I didn’t know she knew what buttermilk was.

I asked if she had fun at the football game and she said, “I did. I cheered for the Cats but there was a little Vikings girl there and I even talked to her.”

“This is the best day ever!” I ask her why and she says “I haven’t argued once, I had a nap, you haven’t gotten mad at me once and we’re having chicken pot pie.” Those are all good reasons.

“Because I hurt myself I’m gonna need a lot of extra love.”

“This orange chicken tastes like they put orange food coloring in it and then poured syrup on it.” Yes, it did. Terrible!

“The tree lady came to school today and taught us about trees. Did you know that we eat bark?” We do?, I ask. “Yes, it’s cinnamon.” Well, great I love bark then. “And yes, we also eat zap.” Zap? What’s that? “It’s where syrup comes from. You know, zap.” It’s called sap, not zap. “No, I’m pretty sure she said zap.” You learn something new everyday.

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