Survived My First Bus Ride–Alone

Today was the first day that I ventured out to ride the bus, by myself. I know you’re thinking “no big deal” but to me doing anything for the first time is scary (especially in the city). I grew up in a really small town with no need for a bus, except the big yellow one you ride to grade school.

So Matt got me set up with my bus schedule app for my phone, gave me my pep talk and instructions of where to get off the bus and when to pull the yellow cord. Yes, this all happened. And then I put on my brave face and walked to the corner by my house, patiently waited for the bus perusing facebook on my phone while I waited (not wanting to look too anxious) and then boarded the bus. I tried not to look like I didn’t know which seat to choose (it’s like 3 grade all over again but with big people and hipsters) and quickly sat down. I let out a sigh of relief…..ahh, now enjoy the ride. But then, I had an overwhelming feeling I got on the wrong bus. What if I did? Where would I end up? Oh dear. The mind of a crazy person I tell you. But alas, we made the familiar turn, up over the bridge we cruised with the city to the right and I knew in minutes I would be on campus. No parking issues and no paying to park. Such a breeze. I exited the bus and made it to PSU. What an accomplishment I tell you. I feel like such a true city dweller now. (And please all you really big city people stop laughing at me.)

I then made my way to Starbucks where I met another staff lady and we had an appointment with a student who actually moved to the city because she’s a huge Donald Miller fan. We proceeded to have a very interesting conversation about faith and her life experiences. The whole time I really wanted to take her picture because she had half of her head shaved and great curly hair on the other half. It was very unique and Portland and so not typical of a student I would have met with at MSU.

It was a very adventurous and fulfilling day in the life of the city and ministry today. What about you? Do you have a fun bus story to share?

2 thoughts on “Survived My First Bus Ride–Alone”

  1. “just a small town girl, livin in a lone-ly world, she took the midnight train goin anywhere” just kidding but I couldn’t help it. That sounds like the best day!!

  2. Jody that is my almost the same way I feel about boarding the bus. It is so stressful to me!! I don’t ride very often because we don’t have a good public transit system here but I always see people riding and think they are so cool to know what they are doing – especially if they have a bike to put on the front – can you imagine? Thanks for making me smile with this recount.


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