What Not to Wear

One of the highlights of last year and now this year is our trip to Corvallis to go to a Beavers game. There’s nothing like being in a huge stadium, that is glowing with orange and everyone’s cheering and having a good time. It’s just good times (even if they don’t win).

After moving back to Oregon it was a goal of mine to go to at least one game a year and it’s only fitting to go with one of my best friends (and roommates in college) and her husband. This year we got to tailgate a little before the game, enjoy the incredible weather, and have a fun day away (thanks to the grandparents).









Now when you’re around college students there is always a chance things will get crazy. And sports fans add another element of crazy to that. There’s always the drunk fans who take of their shirts and paint their chests, some paint their faces, and well, some wear really terrible outfits. And this young fellow did just that. This is an example of what not to wear my friends. He looked like a a large cheeto, but I do admire his Beaver spirit. It may have been a better idea on a cold day but it was sunny and hot. So I can only imagine how disgusting it was to peel that sweaty suit off after 4 hours in the sun. Yikes.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend enjoying the great weather because the rain has returned. Time to get out my galoshes.


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  1. They’re called “Nobody Suits,” they are really breathable, and they’re catching on like mad (apparently permitting people to lose their shyness/inhibitions while staying completely covered up). I think they’re weird too, and I only know about them because of work – they’re semi-gear-related and were on display at the trade show we covered!

    They also come in black, if you want to be a stalker/robber/ninja.


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