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I’m sure it’s a sickness of some sort but I seriously keep thinking, “I wonder what’s in a bin today?” We’re planning a team bonding time for this semester at some point to go there. Because, what better place to bond than over a bin of crap a possible treasure waiting to be found?!

So for your comedic pleasure, here is another review from a Portlander:

They should charge admission to get into this place.  Put up a giant marquee out front.  Or let a documentary crew in there to film the madness.  Cause what goes down here is nothing short of amazing.  Life as Performance Art.

The customers run the spectrum from homeless(-looking) to eBay entrepreneur (also kinda homeless-looking).  Standing elbow-to-elbow, digging through piles of crap to find that diamond in the rough.  Scoping out ahead for possible treasures, ready to snatch or swipe at a moment’s notice.  Marking territory like tomcats.  This side of the bin here.  That gosh-awful, nearly-free-at-$7 chair there.

At a minute before 5, I wondered what all the ruckus was on the other side of the warehouse– people milling about a certain area, all staring into the same empty space in front of them, anxious with anticipation.  Everyone seemed to hold their collective breaths when on the hour, workers wheeled new troughs of stuff into the empty space…  Ever watch wildlife footage of piranhas at feeding time?  Yeah, it was something like that.

Goodwill Outlet = place where they take stuff that didn’t sell in the regular stores to die.  Probably the best free entertainment I’d had in a long while.  Also a great place to get cheap crap.  If that’s what you’re looking for.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I love the people that write the reviews! Hilarious!

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