That’s What She Said…….

I told her Grandma Gail was going to have a birthday soon. She said, “How old is Grandma going to be, like 29?” I think Grandma would love that answer.

She walked into Isaac’s room, hugged him and said, “He smells like cheese.”

I asked her if she liked the house we looked at and she said, “I love that it has a cat and kittens and I love the play computer at the desk.” (The house was staged and had a fake computer on a desk.) Well, if that’s all it takes, it’s an easy decision.

We were discussing trees and I said I loved the pink flowering ones. She told me she likes the ones that change color in the fall. I told her I loved those too and she said, “This is how it works with trees; You can only have one tree that you can like.” Is that so?

While at OMSI she was playing in the space ship and said, “According to my calculations there is land ahead……We’ve now landed safely on planet earth.”

“Wow mom, I think a lumberjack cut down all those trees.”

Isaac threw the ball and she said, “Isaac, you have a mighty left arm.”

Jenna through the ball to Matt and when he caught it she said, “Wow, you are such a ninja.”

While getting ready to go to German class she told Matt, “I’m going to be so much smarter than you and mom because I’ll know German and I won’t tell you what I’m saying.”

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