Do You Know Who Sat in Your Seat?

Today is a memorable day. I know that on Sept. 11th 10 years ago I went to the DMV and came out fuming mad about something. Not the way I wanted to start my day. And then I heard on the radio about a plane hitting the twin towers. I thought it was a joke. I went into work at my office and saw the madness unfolding before my eyes. My co-workers and I stood in awe of the horror of what we saw. It was no joke and life would never be the same again. It made my DMV experience seem so trivial.

Here is a story from a pilot about 9/11. It’s so good. Watch it until the end. Do you know who sat in your seat?


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  1. I watched this video yesterday on your blog and then we watched it again tonight for our small group. Really gives a sense of urgency to share the gospel as we never know when our last day might be. Thanks for posting Jody.


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