An Antique With a New Purpose

A long time ago my grandma gave me this beautiful old antique. I think it was the top to a small vanity. It’s just the outside of the vanity top and it has etched designs and pretty pink stones all the way around the edge. I’ve always wanted to do something creative with it and thanks to another crafty friend of mine she gave me a great idea. So, this last week I gave this sweet antique a new lease on life. I created a beautiful earring holder (I know it’s not perfect but it has character). Not only is it functional (which I love), it’s beautiful and when I look at it it reminds me of my grandmother.

I often think this is how it is with God. He takes me and my life, He sees the potential to make it into something even better, more beautiful and He begins to tweak it. He makes situations, character flaws, etc. and makes them useful again, more beautiful than before. And when He looks at us, He smiles and thinks of His Son because He gave it all so that I could be changed. I love that about God.

What about you? Do you like to take old things and make them new?

*I know this is a terrible picture and does not do it justice. I just couldn’t get the lighting right. Boo to bad pictures.

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