House Hunters……..Again

I LOVE the show House Hunters. But what I don’t love is being the house hunter. Unfortunately that is where we are again. Life is full of unexpected things isn’t it? Well the last thing we expected was for the house that we’re renting to be put on the market in the next month and have to begin showing it and doing open houses. I didn’t sign up for that folks. And the fall is the most inconvenient time for us to be in this position. It’s our busiest time of year by far. Unfortunately that’s our reality. Sooooooooooo we have been given permission to break our lease if we find something we want to buy in the near future. Rent here is much higher than a mortgage payment would be at the moment so we’re hoping to buy again. Matt has looked at houses in Portland for the last three years. From the time we knew we were moving here he began looking and has never stopped. Prices are pretty outrageous, our expectation have had to drop (over and over and over again) and in reality it will have to be the Lord’s divine hand providing the right house at the right time for us.

We are currently looking at a house right now. The location is great (still in Portland which is so important to us), the price is right and there is potential to make it even greater and more useable than it is now. The question is if it’s the Lords will. If you’re thinking about it pray for wisdom and God’s intervention to provide a perfect home in Portland for us, maybe even the one we’re looking at now.

This situation has brought up a lot of junk in my heart. Anger for one at our landlord to inconvenience us right now–8 months before our lease is up. Fear that God won’t provide another great house for us. Anxiousness about house/rent prices. My desire to just stay put in one house, never move again and seek to be comfortable. My expectation that I deserve a house with more than one bathroom. There are four of us after all and we have company ALL the time. How inconvenient that will be.

But here’s the reality. God is in control. Life is full of “inconveniences” and unexpected turns, and they may just be a blessing in disguise if I look hard enough. God is more concerned with my character than my comfort. We live in this city to serve others and the Lord and I can do that from any house if I keep my sin out of the way. And most importantly, God has always provided for us and will continue to do so. He IS trustworthy.

No matter what house we live in, it is not our home (permanently), heaven is. Now, when things are not going my way in a couple months I may need you all to remind me of these things. I’m quite forgetful.

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  1. “God is more concerned with my character than my comfort”. What a great phrase. I will (hopefully) remember that the next time I need it! 🙂 And I will pray for you now.


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