That’s What She Said…..

While pretending: “Get on the boat daddy. We’re going to a great country.” What country would that be?, Matt asked. “Alabama!”

We were flying into Portland and Jenna was watching out the window. She yelled, “There’s IKEA!” Yes, she knows IKEA. It’s like the mother ship calling us home.

We went to the store and Jenna picked up a kitchen scrub brush and said, “Wow, this is a huge toothbrush!” Um, no.

“Hey there goes our pet!” No that’s your brother, Matt says. “I’m just pretending he’s our pet.” Oh, what kind of pet? “A dog” What kind of dog? “A good one.”

5 minutes later: “This is my super side kick Super Bubba” again referring to Isaac. “And I’m Super Flower.”

While looking through her magazine I asked which country the Giraffe came from. She paused and in a questioning way said “Alabama?” Ha, ha! She must think Alabama is a whole different world, and well, it sort of is 😉 (love you Alabama friends).

Some friends were watching the kids and they were watching a Dora video. The friends were singing along and Jenna turned to them and said, “You know you don’t really have to do that.”

While on our way to an event I was tired from a sleepless night and Matt being gone. Jenna got quiet in the back and after a minute said, “I just prayed that God would change my heart.” I told her how great that was and that I needed to pray that every day. She said, “I’ll pray that for you right now mom.” And then she quietly prayed for me (I think she knew I needed it right then). Man that girl melts my heart.

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  1. Love her tender heart and clever humor 🙂 and I’m pretty sure Isaac has been her pet from the day she laid eyes on him! Lol


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