What’s in a Name?

If you follow the news or any staff people on facebook or twitter than you have heard that Campus Crusade has changed it’s name to CRU. It’s something that has been talked about for years and needed to be done. In fact, most ministries overseas changed their names years ago. The leadership did an amazing job at researching, taking surveys and polling many groups of people in the process. Not to mention they spent hours praying. It was not taken lightly. So it’s interesting the hostility that has come out and all the press this has received. It was on fox news, CNN, The Huffington Post and of course Glenn Beck had something to say, he always does. I expect misrepresentation and ignorance from sources like that but it’s the negative, critical spirit that comes from other Christians that is the most disturbing. If you were to read some of the comments then you would understand why non-Christians don’t like Christians and are turned away from Christ. It’s appalling really. If you want to read the real story, the heart behind this decision go to our website and read it.

The majority of the critics have slammed the fact that we have taken the word “Christ” out of the name. I see it this way. It’s like Extreme Home Makeover where they all yell “Move that bus!” at the end of the show. We have removed “campus” (because we are not just a ministry on campus) and “crusade” (because it is offensive and has baggage) so that others will be able to see Christ. We want to remove the hindrances so that God can be seen more clearly. Our name may have changed but the mission never will. Most other large Christian organizations don’t have “Christ” in the title either; Compassion Int., InterVarsity, Food for the Hungry, YWAM, World Vision, ChiAlpha, Samaritans Purse, etc.

I wish all those Christians who are so outraged would spend their energy actually going out and sharing with others why they love Christ so much. I mean have you met our staff or students? Have you been interrupted on the beach by a summer project student as they are sharing their faith? We’re usually known for sharing Christ too much, like that’s a problem.

Last night at the meeting when everyone wrote down why/how God called them to the ministry I’m pretty sure not one of those cards had something to do with the name of the ministry we were signing up with. We signed up to follow Christ and make Him known regardless of what the name was.

Whew! I could go on but I won’t. If you want to read more here are a couple more links:

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Watch this powerful video to help understand the power of words.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzgzim5m7oU]

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. I have ignored the kerfuffle because I do not see the big deal and have long wondered why CRU kept the “Crusade” name for so long, considering the baggage.

    Seems like a lot of windbagging to me, and I should know. I’m excellent at it.


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