Gettin Dunked

On the 4th at the beach we had a baptism for our students who wanted to participate. It was so incredible to have student after student get up for about an hour and share how God has changed their life, many of them in just the past year, and how they want to publicly declare that they love Jesus. That’s all baptism is, publicly declaring that you love Christ, want to follow Him and then get dunked. It represents us being identified with Christ’s death and resurrection and living daily for Him. It was encouraging all the people on the beach that were so interested, asked questions, even came to take pictures of it. One woman who our group had talked with earlier decided to get up and be baptized as well because she never had and felt so compelled and encouraged by our students and what Christ had done in her life. One of the staff kids was also baptized which was an honor to see. Jenna told me when she was 10 she would do it 🙂 She always has a plan. What a memorable day!

Then we all watched the fireworks to end a great afternoon. Jenna was delighted by it all and kept saying, “I can’t believe my eyes!” Oh to see the world through the eyes of a 4 year old.

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