That’s What She Said…….

“Wow, look at that car! That’s the kind of car I’ve wanted my whole life, only a red one.” She was looking at a convertible.

I asked if she wanted to do yoga with me when we get up in the morning and she said, “I’ll probably be too tired for that in the morning. But maybe in the afternoon we could do a Jillian.”

Matt was singing along to one of her PBS shows in a funny voice. She covered her ears and said, “sometimes I’m just so embarrassed.” And so it begins……

She was telling me how much she loved Isaac and spreading her arms out wide. Then she said, “I love him all the way up to God’s heaven and back.”

“Izzy told me that if I stay in the hot tub too long I won’t be able to have kids when I’m older.”

We stopped to get donuts for staff meeting. Jenna asked how many i wanted and I said 10 maple bars. Those are my favorite. Then she said, “You should just eat two, or one is even better. They have lots of sugar and will make you sick.”

“Hey mom listen to this. I just made up a very catchy tune.”

At dinner one night Lucy had a root beer. Here is the conversation that ensued:

J-Are you drinking pop?

L-I drink pop all day at my house.

J-Really?! We have got to find a way to share! And then she walked off with a very determined look on her face.

2 thoughts on “That’s What She Said…….”

  1. Point of clarification…..Lucie does not get to drink pop all day at her house. But it did make for a hilarious convo to listen to!

  2. I just Luv reading Jennaism’s. Keep up the good work Jenna.. Luv your anut Sissy…
    “Just Issac” is growing like a weed…
    Luv to you all. sissy


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