Brides & Daddy’s

We have cable in our apartment which has never happened on summer project before. And, sigh, we have no internet. So, those two combined have led to me watching a lot of HGTV and TLC after the kids are in bed. I love those two programs! So I was watching Say Yes to the Dress yesterday and it was a Father’s Day focused one. It had daughters picking out dresses and the fathers helping which is always a kick. But the part that was always so sweet was when the dad saw the dress that he knew was the one he would just soften in an instant and then begin to cry. Which of course then led to me crying like a baby. One of the dad’s said, “I don’t see just a bride, I see a little girl that I taught to ride her bike.” I then was picturing Matt teaching Jenna to ride her bike and then she’s all grown and in a wedding dress and I’m a snotty mess. Oye.

How does this relate to Father’s Day you ask? Well, in a world that’s full of negligent, non-existent, or abusive fathers I praise God every day that my kids have an incredible father. Jenna will be one of those brides with a weeping, soft hearted dad and she will know that her dad has loved her endlessly. Isaac and Jenna have a dad who gets up in the middle of the night, consoles their fears and tears, makes them laugh deep belly laughs, teaches them about God, teaches them to love God and others, takes them on fun adventures and does a great job loving their mom in the process. I don’t think they could ask for a better dad. So Happy Father’s Day Matt. We love you!

Happy Father’s day to my dad too. He was also one of those weepy dads at our wedding. I love you.

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