That’s What She Said…..

“Mom, when did you get your ears pinned?” (meaning pierced) I tell her when I was 5. “When can I have mine pinned?” Whenever you decide you want to I tell her. “I think I’ll wait till I’m 19.” Really, why 19? I ask her. “Because it hurts.”

“I think Isaac’s trying to do a magic trick and it’s just not working out.”

I told her she should say hi to Cowboy Bob and she said “Well, I’m still warming up to be able to do that.”

I was putting her to bed and I was frustrated with her. She said, “this is the baddest ending to the day ever. I tripped, skinned my knee and now you’re mad.” It made me laugh which made the frustration go away.

“I’m really hungry today. It’s because I had such a good sleep last night.”

We were looking for a playground someone told us about and I wasn’t sure where it was. She asked me, “Were your ears plugged when she was giving you directions?” No, they weren’t thank you very much.

“MOM! I washed my body, my hair and dried off all by myself!” I said, “wow, you’re all grown up.” Then she said, “No not yet probably in another year though.”

I let her take pictures with my camera (and she got some great shots of us) and she said, “I’m a really great photographer.”

We were starting to do yoga together and she said, “I’m gonna do mine on the bed the way I want to do it. I just need to think, focus and pose.”

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