That’s What She Said……

When talking to her on the phone I told her she sounded all grown up and she said, “No, I won’t be grown up for a couple more weeks.”

“Why do you and dad like those curtains so much?” Because we just do I tell her. I ask if she likes them and she says, “Nope I don’t.” Well thank you very much.

“Mom, will we always have angry eyebrows?” Um, I didn’t know we all had angry eyebrows.

“I ate all the healthy stuff first, my steak.” Girl after my own heart.

“Look those people are going in the opposite direction of us.” That’s right. Good job. “I know, Grammy taught me that.”

I asked why she started putting a tank top under everything and she said “well my friend Anya told me that you should always wear a tank top under your shirt. It’s called layering.”

After making a snowman in Tahoe she said, “ok now can we go swimming?” Clearly the weather is not an issue for her.

“You and dad aren’t making this fun enough for me. I want to go to the beach and go swimming.” So sorry that I don’t control the weather.

“Mmmmm this is so good!” She was rolling her Cheetos inside of her cheese slice. Sick.

I told her she wasn’t using good listening skills and she said, “I must need more sleep or more water because they’re just plugged.” Suuuuuure.

I asked if she saw any bears on her walk and she said, “We didn’t see any bears OR bunnies.”

After getting her project sweatshirt she said, “I really wish the Lake Tahoe sweatshirts were red with rainbow stripes.” I’m sure all those college guys would love that.

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