Hawaii on the Horizon

I can hardly believe it really. Matt and I are headed to Hawaii. I told him when we got married that I wanted to go to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. (I know I’m so demanding) Well, we were approaching that quickly and I didn’t think it would happen. But God amazingly provided a free condo to stay in right on the beach (thanks to some really generous friends), really cheap plane tickets, and wonderful family and friends to help care for our precious kids. Not to mention after the past year of moving, starting up a new ministry and new role for Matt and adopting our sweet boy, the timing could not be more perfect. We’re in need of some serious rest and relaxation.

On the one hand of this incredible trip we get to take I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness and then on the other I fight guilt. I often buy into the lie that because we’re “missionaries” we shouldn’t have/do nice things. That we shouldn’t be blessed in this way. I can also I feel guilty for leaving my kids behind for a week. But I have to remember that God is the giver of good gifts and I want to enjoy this for the blessing that it is. I have also always been a firm believer in keeping God first, my husband second, and my kids third. I think it’s biblical and will reap positive benefits in the long run.

So, we’re off to celebrate and be rejuvenated spiritually, physically and emotionally. I think 10 years of marriage is worth celebrating (even if our anniversary is really June 30th).

Warm weather here we come…..

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