A Full Heart on Mother’s Day

Today was a sweet day for our family. We had my parents and grandma in town for the weekend because today we had Isaac dedicated. And to think only a year ago, we had just “met” our sweet boy for the first time by seeing him on the ultra sound. And now he’s 8 months old and has blessed our family immensely. He was adorable as always and looked very handsome in his little suit vest and tie. We just feel so blessed to have had so many friends and family here to be with us today. We even got to share this day with our teammates Dave and Jamie as they dedicated Benjamin at the same time.

My brother also had his girls dedicated so it was so sweet to know that we were all doing the same thing, making it known that we are blessed by our kids, acknowledging that they are the Lords on loan to us and that we want to raise them to know and love the Lord.

On the other hand this day can bring up so many other emotions for me. I remember Mother’s days where I was so grieved because I didn’t have my own children and dealing with infertility. I remember the Mother’s day after we lost our first baby and how heart broken I was and that day stung in my open wound. I think of Brittani and feel grieved for her and her loss and yet so grateful that she gave us the best gift ever.

I’m also reminded of my mother, my grandmothers, my mother-in law. I’m so thankful for a loving mom who gives generously to me, loves me and now loves my kids endlessly. In fact she loves them so much she just took them for a week so Matt and I can have our 10th anniversary celebration in Hawaii. What a gift! And yet when they drove away, tears streaming down my face I felt grateful for a break that Matt and I will relish in but we already missed them and they were only a block away.

My house right now is much too quiet. It’s a strange, strange thing. But my heart is full of thankfulness for the family that I’ve been richly blessed with.

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