Seeing Jesus

When I was doing the Resurrection Eggs with Jenna last week when we got to the last egg that was empty representing the empty tomb Jenna said, “So will we get to see Jesus on Easter?!” She was so excited that we would actually get to see him face to face. I told her no but one day we will. Then on Easter Sunday our pastor did an amazing sermon on how we do get to see Jesus every day through all kinds of life circumstances. Then I thought to myself, “yes, that’s what I should have said to Jenna.” Oh, if I were only as smart as my pastor 🙂

So it got me to thinking of some the ways I’ve seen Jesus even in the last year of our lives. Here are a few that come to mind. I see Jesus in:

  • The way my husband loves me, graciously and patiently.
  • The faces of my sweet children.
  • How we are always provided for.
  • In the lives of my friends who have endured tragic things this year.
  • The beauty of the place we live (even though it doesn’t have the Bridger Mountains).
  • The people that live in this city, whether they know Jesus or not.
  • The lives of the students we work with.
  • How He pursues the hearts of people.

So how do you see Jesus in your life or others lives? Are you aware of God at work? Because He always is.

And of course here are a few pictures from our Easter.

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