Not as Planned

I have been looking forward to the mom’s retreat/conference for the past couple months. The thought of getting away with other moms and friends who are in similar life stages and do the same job that I do was really exciting. I was also dreaming of a few good nights sleep. Oh how wonderful it was going to be!

And then life happens. I got sick and felt terrible the day I left, which was my birthday. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t on my birthday wish list. I thought my head would explode on the plane. My symptoms worsened. Instead of hanging out during the breaks I was laying in bed. When I could no longer hear out of my right ear I decided it was time for Urgent Care. I’m so thankful for modern medicine, late night hours at the Urgent Care, friends who are willing to drive me there and oh ya, did I mention the drugs? They make life so much better when you’re in pain. The legal, only when you’re sick drugs though. Just want to get that straight.

All that to say, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. It hasn’t been as restful as I hoped but I’m sure thankful for wonderful women and friends that I work with, the encouraging things we’ve talked about and the Lord loving me even when I’m sick and cranky.

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