The Crazy Mandrills

When our friends were here over spring break we went to the zoo with them. It had been the worst weather all week but it managed to not rain while we were there which was an added bonus. It was still cold though so we were all bundled up. While going to see the primates this time around we were in for more of a treat that usual. We were watching the mandrills which are the most bizarre looking, ugly animals around. One of them sitting by the fence started watching Jenna very intensely. Pretty soon it was jumping up with it’s hands against the fence very aggressively like it wanted to eat her for lunch. Jenna would walk behind Matt and it would move back and forth looking for her. Then the big daddy came over and it started lunging forward on all fours and being aggressive. I think they were threatened by her hat. It was funny, only because we were safe behind the glass wall of course. By the end Jenna was getting a little freaked out knowing they wanted to tear her apart but thankfully she didn’t have nightmares. Lots of excitement for sure. There was a group of adults next to us and the lady said, “now this just confirms again that I’ll never go on a safari.” She then proceeded to say she knew someone who had been eaten by a hyena while on an African safari. Yikes!

We had so much fun with our friends and it was so fun to see Jenna and Cale play together again. Seeing people we love leave over and over isn’t fun but we’re sure thankful to have so many great friends.

What about you? Do you have any crazy zoo stories?

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