That’s What She Said….

“Look there’s a boy and girl dog.” I asked how she knew that and she said, “Because the girl dog has long ears and the boy dog has short ears.”

“This fish is a girl fish because she has eyelashes.” I explained that everyone has eyelashes, even boys. “What?! I had no idea!” She knows the President lives in a big white house but has failed to observe we all have eyelashes.

Jenna was counting in the car and got to 18. She said, “I’ll be 18 soon mom. You just have to realize that. I know you worry about that.” I told her yes I did and why and she said, “I know, just try not to worry.” Seriously. Where does she get this stuff?!

I was singing to her in the car about how I liked her and she said “you’ve told me that 400 times now. Let’s just stop singing and have some quiet time.” Now, I know where she’s heard that before but now she’s using it on me.

“Wow, look at that guys white beard. It looks like God’s!” Not sure why she thinks God has a white beard.

We were talking about a friend’s birthday (Pete). She said, “I bet he had a cake with ladybug frosting, with raspberries and blueberries in the middle, it was on a yellow plate and it was so good.”

I overheard Jenna talking to Isaac in the other room. “I’m going to tell you about the day you were born. You were in Brittani’s tummy and when you were born the whole world rejoiced. Then they brought you in in a little clear box. You were cute and small and then you cried some.” I’ve heard her tell him a few versions of the day he was born. It’s so cute.

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