That’s What She Said…..

While putting a crown on Isaac’s head she said, “OK, now you’re going to be Herod”

“Mom lets do Jillian” So I start the workout with her and 10 minutes later she says, “I’ll be Jillian now” and proceeds to walk around giving instruction and coaching me. Then she says “I’m a sick Jillian” and laid down on the couch to rest. So much for a good work out partner.

“I’m having tons of fun with you….but where’s dad?”   Hmmmm, not so convinced.

“Mom, can I have my latte? And don’t forget to put caramel in it.” Don’t worry they’re just steamers but man she’s got good taste. When she finished she rubbed her stomach and said “Mmmmm that was super tasty.”

Matt said to Jenna, “wow, you do a great job picking out clothes with lots of color.” (a nice way of saying you look like a rainbow threw up on you) Jenna said, “I know, I want to be the queen of color!”

Matt was reading her a story and said, “what do you think that bunny is wishing for?” She paused and replied “That the whole world would be made of candy!”

“Mom we had to throw your flowers away because they died. I know they were very special to you but they died. Just like people die. Grandma Caroline died and I sure miss her.” (This should give you insight into how grown up she seems. And sad that she’s already had to experience death at such a young age.)

“Mom will you put some pretty ballet music on? I want to dance.” I asked her what she thought was ballet music and she said, “You know, some nice classical music.” I didn’t know she knew what classical music was.

Pandora was on and I wasn’t listening but Jenna said, “Does love last?” Then I realized that she was listening to the lyrics and they were singing about love not lasting. I told her it does, especially Gods love. She replied “Then they lie!!”

“Hey there’s the Barack Obama flag.” I tell her no, it’s the American flag. He’s just the President so it’s usually near him when he’s on tv. “What does the President do?” Well, I think that depends on who you ask. “Did you know he lives in a big white house?” Yes, yes, he does.

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