Just another day on campus

Justin sends our team updates and this was in the first paragraph of his email. This place is seriously weird and I can’t believe the stories Matt comes home with.

Yesterday we had an interesting day sharing on campus at PSU. Amie and Dave got to talk to a trapeze artist, Jack and Brad talked to an anarchist, John talked to a guy named Spot and I walked in on a “world events, end times prophecy” conference were 12 people were scattered amongst the 300 or so empty seats in the ballroom. Just another typical day at PSU huh?

One of my other favorite stories is when Dave and a student were setting up for the weekly meeting and a guy stood at the door watching, walked in ignoring their greetings, mumbled something that sounded like “maybe they could discuss this”, bent over and put a chocolate foil covered fish on the floor and walked out. What?! Who does that? Oh ya, and there were some ladies with a couple young kids out with signs on campus protesting circumcision. Yep, you read that right circumcision. Really? Really. That’s Portland. But we love this place.

It’s all just a reminder to me that this is why we need to be here. There are so many crazy beliefs out there and worst of all people giving an ugly misrepresentation of who God really is (proven by this lady Matt saw on campus one day) and what true Christianity is all about. Jesus is relevant, He changes lives, and He loves ALL people (even the crazy ones like that lady).

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