A New Rocker

I knew that my rocker wasn’t good (I mean the one in Isaac’s room) but I didn’t know how bad it was until we got the new one. My friend Sam posted on facebook that her sister Meg was giving away a glider rocker with an ottoman and I saw it first and jumped on it. All I have to say is “Oh my goodness!” I’m so thankful for this generous gift. It looks so great in the room and it rocks without an annoying creaking noise. Nothing but smooth rocking around here these days.

Here’s Isaac showing off his new rocker. What a sweet little man.

3 thoughts on “A New Rocker”

  1. You have that right Addie. He is certainly not little. I had to put him in 12 month clothing today. Yikes! I hope you’re lifting your weights so you can hold him in April 😉


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