A Good Shine

We rent a house that we love for many reasons but also dislike for many reasons. Since moving in we have cleaned it up soooo much and revived it in too many ways to count. Even the neighbors stop to tell us thank you. Anyway, the sink always grossed me out. I’ve scrubbed and sprayed lots of cleaner in it and it never looked great. Well, I got on the flylady website and it had directions on how to really shine your sink. So I gave it a try. And WOW, it really worked. All I did was fill the sink to the top with hot water, 1 cup of bleach and soak for an hour. Then I scrubbed it with soft scrub afterward. Here’s a picture to show you just how great it worked. Totally impressed. Now to keep it that clean.

This website has lots of tips on how to clean and tidy up your house. I LOVE a clean house so I’m always up for a tip or two. Do you have any good sites you go to for this? Although, what I really want is a maid to do it for me. That would be simply delightful.

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