Winter Conference, or otherwise called Cru Conference this year has always been a highlight for me. God radically changed my life at one 12 years ago and I’ve never been the same since. We get to see life change every year during that time in a way that many never get to witness. We have an incredible job that I feel blessed to get to be a part of.

And as a mom it’s a joy to watch my kids at the conference. Jenna loves it. She’s like a celebrity really with so many friends and fans. She is very outgoing and eats up the social scene. Isaac had an enormous fan club as well. I hope he enjoys it one day like Jenna. What a blessing to raise kids in such an incredible environment.

This year, it was a totally different experience for me. Isaac’s birth mom was at the conference as well which added a different level of emotional intensity, for me especially. It was great to see her, we had quality time together and I just genuinely like her. It doesn’t feel weird to be together which I think is weird ironically. I just worry about her because I can’t imagine being in her shoes. The conference felt like it brought the year full circle in this journey. Winter Conference is where she first told people she was pregnant and met the staff couple who helped to lead her to us.

I was also asked to share at our regions moms time about our story of adoption and then again during a seminar. The theme of the seminar was Art and Ministry with a theme of redemption. I was an emotional wreck sharing in front of both groups really. Surprise, surprise, I know.  I think I just feel so overwhelmed and humbled by God’s goodness to choose us to be parents for Isaac. I feel blessed by His timing of it all and how He intricately planned each detail. He took a situation that for us seemed hopeless in having another child and redeemed our dream. He took a situation that seemed like a mistake to others and redeemed it for Good. Isaac is a picture of redemption for us and a little miracle in our lives. I’m just so grateful for it and pray that those who got to hear our story, God’s story, were impacted by His goodness and grace.

The theme was AMPLIFY and I pray that we will continue to amplify God in our lives and through our adoption story. It was just another reminder that our lives are not just our lives. Our life is God’s, God’s story being lived out through us and we have the opportunity to share it with others and glorify Him through it by being open and sharing it.

So what story are you living that God wants to use for His glory? Where can you amplify God in your life?

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  1. I can relate to being an emotional mess, but you know, it’s a blessing to others right up until we get really really snotty.

    And I am trying to amplify God in trusting Him in a variety of circumstances (jobs, home, more kids, all the freakin’ in-laws), while also building my husband up and being his most ardent cheerleader and encourager.


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