That’s What She Said…..

I heard a crash and then “Don’t worry it wasn’t me, just my crayon box. Now who’s going to come over here and help me?”

We were planning her birthday party and she was talking and talking and talking. She then said “That was a lot of words wasn’t it?” Yes it was I tell her. “Well I have a few more.”

“Daddy, when I say no I mean no. You are not respecting my boundaries.” Henry Cloud at it’s best right there 😉

“When I turn 4 I can drink coffee just like grown ups.” I think not.

“Grammie after I have lunch I’m going to have some candy.” (my mom) Well you should probably ask your dad if that’s okay. “Okay but then he’ll probably just ask my mom if I can have it.”

“This was one of my favorites when I was a toddler.” (talking about a dvd like she was 16)

“Let’s play again daddy and this time I’ll let you win.”

“Lets play that game. Remember the rules, RUN!” (running from waves at the beach.)

“Don’t go out there it will sink you!!”

“Mom, last night I had a scary dream about santa’s elves. They were spying on me to see if I was being good or bad and it was scary.”


And on that note we hope you have a wonderful Christmas. One filled with sweet dreams, not scary ones of santa’s elves.

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