That’s What She Said…..

While playing with one of Isaac’s new train toys. “it sounds like a wounded bird”

Matt was cutting down tree limbs and she says over and over “Wow, daddy is soooo brave!” Then a few minutes later. “Did you see him? He is the biggest, strongest daddy.”

“Why can I can’t get him out? Oh, he’s screwed!” (talking about a toy)

My favorite song she sings at school so far is this. “we’re leaving our room and we shouldn’t be heard, hands at our side and do not talk, tiptoe in the line when we start to walk.”

“You are correctly wrong. And I am right.” (said with much attitude)

“Isaac looks so sophisticated today.” (she doesn’t know what that word means)

“Oh she looks like a feisty one.”

“Well he’s as happy as a clown today.” (talking about Isaac of course)

“My friend is going to be 5 today! He is such an old man! 5 is sooooo old!”

Here’s my favorite. She comes up stairs at 6:30 with her pj’s on and says “Please put me to bed.” Now that’s amazing. And yes, yes I will.

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