That’s What She Said…..

Sitting down next to me on the couch Jenna says, “Lets have a conversation. I’ll go first.”

Talking to Isaac. “Oh you’re just a sad little man right now”

“He’s smells like a baby. I don’t really like the smell of him.”

“My teacher is very sweet so you need to be kind to her.”

“I really know how to organize because it’s really easy for little children”

“He sounds like a loud cat” talking about Isaac while he was crying

“I feel uncomfortable.” I asked if she ate too much and she said “I sure did.” She had just had a cheese burger, fries and a very large ice cream cone.

Matt and Jenna are wrestling in the living room and I hear her scream “I’m gonna give you a beat down!” “And who’s gonna give me a beat down? No one!”

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