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We’ve had many sleepless nights lately and I’m hoping that sleep deprived and big bags under your eyes in the hottest new look because I’m mastering that look right now. It’s all worth it though.

So because of sleep deprivation and my mom being here the past 4 days I haven’t had time to write more about our time in Boise and Isaac’s birth, but I will, soon I hope.

It’s been nice to have my mom here because she’s a big help with Jenna and Isaac and she’s also been doing some sewing projects for me. I would love to be a sewer (is that a word?) but I don’t have a working machine and I really just don’t like it all that much. Maybe one day I will but that’s probably wishful thinking. Here’s what my mom whipped up today, a changing pad cover. It’s super cute and Jenna loved to “help”. Maybe she will become the seamstress in our family one day.

And I know you’re thinking, “She left her baby on the changing pad!” I know I did but I promise my mom was right there next to him. I’m a good and safe mom I swear.

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  1. Very cute, Jody. I am so happy for you and your family and can’t wait to meet Issac in a few weeks. I love reading your blogs.


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