That’s What She Said…

If baby brother wakes me up crying I’ll just go up to him and say, “why are you crying baby brother?”

“I want to eat naked.”

“Do they have kids?” No. “But aren’t they married?” Yes. “Well when you get married you get kids.”

Recounting her night with papa and grammie: “we went to Dairy Queen and I got a vanilla cone, grammie got a strawberry sunday and papa got a squirrel.” I die laughing. “You know it’s chocolate and vanilla together” I then tell her it’s a “swirl” not a squirrel.

On the phone from my moms: “Can I ask you a question? Why are you in Boise still? And why did you think baby brother was going to be born already?” It’s hard to explain false labor to a child.

When seeing Isaac for the first time (picture to the right) she exclaims “He is sooooo cute! I love him sooooo much!” (Isaac just looks suspicious of this new sister)

When we gave her the “big sister” gift we bought which was a purple sparkly journal that she loved in a store a while back she shouted excitedly “This is so beautiful! How much did you pay for this?!” Oh the simple things in life 🙂

“When I was born were you my parents?” (trying to comprehend adoption)

I was feeding Isaac one night and Jenna and Matt were making up bedtime stories. They were running from dragons and there was a river of flames. Then she says “mom and baby brother are in the river of flames!” Matt asks what happens next? Are they rescued? “Nope, Then they sink! The end.”

While praying for lunch today: “Thank you for mommy and daddy and for loving us so much. We know you love us so much because you gave us baby brother. Amen”

So sweet one second and sinking us in a river of flames the next. Oh the mind of a 3 year old 🙂

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