That’s What She Said

We can’t let another week go by without these. I just have to say that I LOVE this age. So great. It’s so sad thought because this week Jenna started calling us mom and dad and not mommy and daddy. Nooooooooo, my baby is growing up! I’m totally in mourning about it. Good thing we have another baby on the way so we’ll be mommy and daddy for a little longer at least with him.

Okay, here they are:

Where’s the fly killer?! (meaning the fly swatter)

What road are we on? The highway. So are we going high?

My baby died! (me) Can’t you bring her back to life?  (Jenna) No only Jesus can do that.

Look at this rainbow I’m making. It’s going to be splendid.

Wes do you you have another secret? (wes) Oh I’m full of secrets.

Are those for my baby brother? They are so so so so cute!

Come here my english muffin, I’m hungry!

(While fishing she was singing) Come to Papa little fishy, come to papa.

my mom was in the lake trying to get Jenna to do a bob and Jenna says, “Oh yea like when you want to obey and follow Jesus and John the baptizer puts you under the water.” Those two things relate right? So funny. Her favorite video right now is the Jesus story for kids. Adorable.

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  1. Fabulous….I need to write these things down too, except Grace never stops talking long enough for me to answer her, let alone write things down. Paige was walking around yesterday saying, “This is ‘redicilous'” over and over like she was a grumpy old man muttering under her breath. I am now officially inspired by you to at least jot down some of the funny stuff they say.


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