The Countdown

There are only 29 days until the due date of our son. That still sounds so crazy to say! We all know how due dates can go. I already had Jenna by this time in my pregnancy so we are trying to be as ready as we can for the call to go. Our hearts and minds feel like they are spinning with excitement, details and also the reality that our family will be different from here on out. Jenna will no longer be the center of attention which I’m so thankful for and also a little sad at times. Not a bad sad though. We have prayed a long time for a second child and Jenna has too. She started asking for a brother or sister since she could talk. She even has a calendar to cross off the days because she asks every day if today is the day we get to bring baby brother home.

Okay, now I have to go. There is much to do and I’m sitting here doing a blog post instead of being productive. Did I mention there are only 29 days left!!!!

P.S. Please pray with us that the baby will be born between the 23rd-30th. We have housing set up for that time period and would be just lovely for it to fall into those dates 😉 And you can pray for all the other stuff that goes along with babies and adoption. Thanks friends!

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