That’s What She Said….

All from the mouth of my sweet little girl

“White is a boring color”

Matt asked “do you want to be a geologist and study dinosaurs when you grow up?” Jenna, “No, I want to be an ice skater”

“I didn’t take a nap because I needed to spend some time with Jesus. So no talking, no tickling, only quiet time with God.”

When pointing out a bruise on her shin she said, “Am I bruising like an old lady?”

“Let’s do battle like lions. I’m the baddest one and you’re the baddest one.”    (a few minutes later) “Here come my bad hands!”

“Someday I’m going to be married to a really lovely guy like daddy. And then I’ll have two rings.”

I asked her to play a song on her guitar and she said “my guitar only knows jingle bells.”

While dressed up in a dinosaur outfit she said “I’m a dinosaur and you can’t stop the dinosaur power!”

“Mommy I love you so much, almost like God loves you”

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