Favorite Family Vacation Memories

I read an article last week that was so interesting about vacations. You should read it. But it made me think about family vacations. Tis the season really for those kind of things.

I want to do fun things with my family that will create memories they won’t forget. I have many from growing up and loved that my family took a family vacation every summer. Most of them revolved around fishing because my dad is addicted to bass fishing. But that’s another story. Some of them were more memorable than others for sure. 

One trip that’s burned into my memory is taking a trip to California. I was in middle school when we went. We drove the 18 hours or whatever it was in a Ford Taurus. All 5 of us in that Taurus. My parents, brother and my grandma. That was a memory in itself. My brother threw up in the car which we then got to enjoy the rest of the trip thanks to the smell. We drove through a mess of apples because a truck wrecked that was carrying apples. This then created an ant problem in the car. Thank goodness Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Sea World and Universal Studios was so fun that it made the car ride worth it.

I also remember one that we took to Lake Shasta to camp and of course fish. We camped on top of a hill that looked like we may fall of the edge if we leaned to far in the camper. The yellow jackets loved me and I think I got sun burned but it sure was a fun time.

So do you have a favorite family vacation from growing up or even a recent one you want to share?

P.S. Stay tuned for another post on our favorite family vacation thus far. The picture above is from our family vacation this year to Arizona. How cute is she?!

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