God at the Playground

A couple weeks ago while Jenna and I were at the playground we met some new friends. We were swinging next to a mom and her son and began to talk. It wasn’t a long conversation but at the end of it she asked to meet again the next week for a play date. That never really happens. You usually chat and go your separate ways. We’ve had two play dates since then and plan to have dinner with our families next week. It has been such a blessing from the Lord. It turns out her and her husband are Christians, she is from Australia, her brother and sister-in-law are on staff and our friends Shawn and Heather actually know them. It is such a small world.

I’m thankful how God can use even the playground to bless my life. What place have you been lately that you were able to bless someone else or be blessed by someone, or maybe both?

2 thoughts on “God at the Playground”

  1. Hurray for new friends! What a fortunate day. I can’t think of anything other than me blessing a friend (at home without her hubby) by replacing the ballast in her kitchen light. Their light was out for a few weeks until I just said, “Well, let’s do it!” I guess it kind of blew her mind, but it was pretty easy – I love it when a big blessing to someone else is a simple affair for me. 🙂

  2. such a small world and what a blessing that we serve a personal God!!! hope you guys become great great friends!!!


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