Homemade Jam

Oh my, do you know how much sugar is in jam?! I was a little shocked when I made it today. I think this every time I make it I’m sure but then I selectively forget so I won’t feel so guilty while eating it. You may as well just call it sugar spread, delicious sugar spread 🙂

That is a picture of one of the tiny strawberries I used to make the jam. They were small but OH SO TASTY. Never underestimate the goodness of a small strawberry. And the fact that I have jam in the freezer is so satisfying to me. I can’t wait for peach season. That’s my favorite. Now I’m already dreaming of peach pie…….

2 thoughts on “Homemade Jam”

  1. Tip: Use the Sure-Jell in the pink box. It’s for reduced sugar recipes, and while the quantity is still significant, it’s not QUITE so shocking. Works great for all berries and stone fruit, but when I work with chokecherries, I have to use full sugar pectin no matter what.

    I love making jam. It’s like eating summer, all winter long!


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