I wish that I were more creative than I am because Jenna loves to do crafts and create new things. While at my mom’s a couple weeks ago we decided to get a little crafty and make Jenna a new name sign for her room. It was a fun little project for the three of us and I think it turned out cute.

Jenna wanted to put it on her door. So here it is.

What fun things have you created at your house or possibly with your kids? I need some more ideas.

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  1. this is very cute jody!!
    some fun things we have done: painting–get the smock on and just know that you can clean it up later. we’ve put up evie’s art in her room which is not only affordable, but colorful 🙂 we recently made a pig out of a water bottle…silly, i know, but you paint the water bottle pink, use popsicle sticks for legs, cut out ears from paper, use a pipe cleaner for a tail and get those googly eyes. everything is cute with googly eyes 🙂


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