Some people hate to paint but I really like it. It’s a fairly quick project that brings new life to a room, is inexpensive and something that you can start and bring to completion pretty quickly. In our jobs there aren’t always things that we do that have closure or completion really because we work with people and people are always in process. We don’t work with them to complete them but a room I can work with and complete. I love the sense of accomplishment.

We are going to paint a couple rooms in our sweet rental next week before we move in. I chose the colors without my friend Ashley’s help so we’ll see if that was a wise idea or not but I’m excited to start something new and begin to settle into our new home. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes with some before and after pictures. So do you have paint colors that you love or fall back on or any success/horror stories about painting? I’d love to hear them.

*picture courtesy of Nathan T. Baker

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