My Life in Boxes

We’ve been packing off and on all week and now most everything we own is all packed away in boxes. It’s been a hard week and one of the reasons I haven’t written a new post. I think taking our family photos off the walls a few nights ago was the hardest part and when reality really set in. I’ve moved a lot of times over the past 12 years but mostly just from place to place around Bozeman, outside of going somewhere new every summer for 6 weeks for work. This move is definitely the hardest. Bozeman has become home for us. This is where we started our married life together, started our family together, done ministry for 8 years, had incredibly great times and incredibly hard times. I sat in church today so thankful that we can celebrate the Risen King and the great fact that this is not our permanent home. But reality is that we live in this world now and my sinful nature wants to be comfortable and I lose sight of eternity. Part of me longs to live in the same place my whole life so that Jenna can grow up in the same community and have the same life-long friends but on the other hand I want her to see that when God calls you go and that living a life of faith is sometimes uncomfortable and scary but it’s always an adventure worth being a part of. So we’ll pack up the moving truck this week and go where the Lord has been leading us, trusting that He’ll continue to pave the way and provide all that we need (like selling our house!) and I’ll keep reminding myself that my life isn’t really in those boxes, or even in a city, but in the Lord. What’s the hardest move God has asked you to make?

photo courtesy of podbay

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